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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Apr 2008

Location: Aberaeron, Wales

MapWell it's been awhile but I'm back in the HM on my day off, friendly bottle of wine beside me and catching up with all the emails and messages that I've missed over the past month. It seems everyone else has been having quite an eventful April, as for me I've been working (no surprise there) but not quite so much as I was. asnd I even managed to go and have a night on the town, aparently everyone's hangovers in the morning were my fault, I don't see it myself they had all started a good hour before me, and they all agreed to the shots and kept buying them after the first round. Of course it possibly wasn't the best idea to invite them all over to mine to drink all my land-ladies wine, which I later spent several stressful days trying to replace before she came up again, but it was fun, Connor passed out on my sofa, we broke a glass and played music way to loud for whatever time of night it was, none of us can say for sure. And i've been down to Cardiff as well, quite tramaticly I had to get up to catch a 7am bus but it was a good day, I was going to do the sights but I ended up just wandering around fairly aimlessly and doing a bit of shopping, so I'll have to go back and be a tourist properly. Not done much since then but will be going out tonight. Am dubious coz I've actually got to be at work at 9am tomorrow.
Has actually been sunny here lately, beautiful.