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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Location: Aberaeron, Wales

MapHas been a really odd, quiet week here. Even last night which was the friday night at the start of a long weekend, but is okay by me as I am trying to spend this week at work doing as little as possible, I want to see if anyone else bothers to do anything if I haven't done it, I suspect not, am tired of working my ass of and then no one else doing anything. And I'm annoyed at work anyway, they have made me bar supervisor without actually asking me if I wanted to be in charge of the bar. Nice. And I'm now also the absolute last person to leave now that I have a hotel key - which I need coz I'm also the night porter now which is okay by me coz I get free accom with the job now, but at least before the duty manager had to wait around for me to finish so they could lock up, not anymore, now they can just leave. I anticipate many more solitary late nights at the HM.