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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 May 2008

Location: Aberaeron, Wales

MapQuite a funny night, everyon was really excited becaause we had ex us president Jimmy Carter in the resturant for dinner. Was hilarious, everyone was so excited and I know for a fact that a fair few of the waitresses had never even heard of him before but were still just as excited. Apparently he was quite nice, shook the waitresses hands before he left and said thank you, out in the bar I got to watch all his secret service body guards wander about for hours. Ah well, at least it was something to talk about. Finished after one for the third night in a row, I keep getting left behind the bar all on my little lonesome, and was stood up again by one of the students who was supposed to be coming in to work, have more hope for tommorrow night, long weekend is finally over and I actually have another bartender working with me tonight, YAY!