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Sarah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Jul 2008

Location: Aberaeron, UK

MapYesterday I actually worked a day shift! Yes a day shift, onl my second since I started working here, so to celebrate I went out for a few drinks with Gen and Rhys, who both had the night off as well. And the few drinks turned into a few more drinks and we were all absolutly steaming by the end of the night, and had managed to end up drinking with the welsh soap stars that are in town filming at the moment. But somehow we all managed to lose each other, I lost everyone, they lost me and each other, very odd. Great fun though. And I didn't even have a hangover this morning.
In non-alcohol related news I went to get my travel jabs today and only had to get one, just my hep A booster. Will need Yellow Fever too but can't get that in Aberaeron, will have to go to Aberystwyth for that, but I'm in no hurry, still got three months before I go.