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nicole’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Mar 2006

Location: London, UK

MapHi everyone,

My wkend was good. Friday night we went to the East side (we are the West side!) and went to a few bars. Saturday Alex and I went to the Portobello Road markets again, but it was far too busy. Sat night we went out in a really nice area called Covent Garden. Then after a few drinks we ended up at a Portugese restaurant at 11.30pm (the place was packed), and had a really nice dinner (...2nd dinner) and it beats the soggy pizza near Melbas!
On Sunday Alex and I decided to go to Westminster Abbey which was really nice, and we walked over the river Thames...then kept walking for at least 2 hours.
At about 2pm, after our walk we decided to have 'a drink' at a pub in Mayfair (Monopoly?)....One drink turned to three bottles of wine and a really healthy pub meal!
Then caught the tube to our local pub and continued.....we lasted til 8pm...
It's getting warmer here, hardly wore a jacket all weekend! Still just looking for jobs and a flat (our lease is up in May)..
I have a marketing coordinator phone interview today, so hopefully that goes well.
My chest infection is almost gone too! Claudias mum arrives this week which were all looking forward to; and were thinking about driving (yep, were hiring a van!) to Bath next wkend....just have to work out where exactly Bath is....
I totally scored on Saturday too, I got 6 solarium sessions for free because they thought I had paid....yay I might not be white anymore!
I'm putting more photos up aswell..

Talk to you all soon