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nicole’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Aug 2006

Location: london town, UK

MapYes i will update this site very shortly, still just have to get my camera fixed and renew my account and then im good to go. so maegan and julia calm down!

and just want everyone to know i cant and dont use crappy myspace!!!!!

Happy birthday to magoose (belated) I wrote out a big text for you when i was sitting in a pub but then realised I didnt have your number in the phone I now have to use!

also happy birthday to clea! clllarrrr and good stuff for moving house...and mums... haha sucker...

Not much has been happening...working....travelling all around england on the wkends. The camping/ canoeing trip in wales was awesome, probably one of the nicest places I've ever been to. we canoed for 20 miles over two days and ruffed it in a tent over night in a field. was one of the best things ive done since being abroad. (will put photos up very soon!!)

went camping in a place about an hour from london called winchester last wkend...also very nice.

been to birmingham and bristol a few times which are decent sized cities a couple of hrs from london town.

hopefully heading off to prauge in a couple of weeks aswell

miss everyone lots! will update soon i promise