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nicole’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Sep 2006

Location: UK

MapHi everyone!!

I swear photos will up soon!! swear.

I moved out of London and now live in Newquay in Cornwall which is right down the bottom of England, South West from London.

It's been so much fun! I live right near the beach so have been learning to surf and doing loads of swimming & camping.

Saw an xavier rudd concert the other night at a bar on the beach with only 40 other people cos it was a secret gig.

The night life here is unreal too.....reminds me of a cross between Byron Bay and Surfers...
It's a great change from London here; such a different place, really chilled out but also very active. And its a small town which is a nice change.

I'm hopefully comming home for a bit over xmas so cant wait to see everyone! then will be comming back to the UK

hope your all well!

and thanks everyone for my birthday messages! I didnt do much; just went out drinking cocktails and vodka at different bars along the beach then went out "in town" and decided to leave when i couldnt get rid of the hiccups.....nice.

miss you all