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nicole’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Oct 2006

Location: UK

MapHappy Halloween!!!

Well not much has been happening... Just working in a town called Truro which is the capital (the metropolis) of Cornwall..... quite a pretty town with a huge catherdral. It takes me almost an hour to get here on the bus each way and I drive through rolling green hills....llittle country lanes and fields of cows, sheep....very interesting!!

Ive picked up surfing.... now that its getting dark at 5pm its getting a bit harder to get out there and practice though. But its been so much fun!! Im really crap but love going out...I got a board a couple of weeks ago too.

Sally came down and lived with me for a while which was awesome! I miss not having her here! we had so much fun...then Lisa came down for 5 nights which was wicked aswell...just showed her around Newquay and chilled out really.

Went to a Halloween party on sat night and EVERYONE gets so dressed up!!! when i work out how to make the USB cord work on my work computer I'll put up some pics....and going to one up in Birmingham with Julia this have to get my costume ready... I want Julia to go as Vicky Pollard from little britian....she wouldnt even need to buy an outfit.hahaha.

I'm comming back to Aus for a few months to Live in North Sydney but will be comming to the goldy for a week so I cant wait to see everyone..!!

ps: we can buy fireworks from the supermarket here!! so cool!