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Rachel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 Mar 2006

Location: Cork, Ireland

MapDid you know that it's possible for your heels to become bruised and swell and cause mildly horrific pain every time you try to walk down a lovely, cobbled, oh so European-looking street?

I'm not sure why you're confused right now. Did you expect entries on the amazing scenery in Ireland, or the great beer, or the friendly locals with their crazy accents, or even the mundane details of my life, such as what my job is like or who I share an apartment with? Yes, well, we'll get to that in a bit. Patience.

So anyway, back to the feet. I had forgotten that living in Europe means you walk. Everywhere. No matter the time of day, no matter the weather, no matter your state of health, no matter your mood, no matter how many groceries you were stupid enough to purchase because you thought you possessed super human strength and could carry them home all by yourself, you walk. Unless you want to ride the city bus, which is full of its own trials and tribulations... the point is that if you're going to walk everywhere, you need good shoes.


Rachel did not bring good shoes. Rachel brought cute shoes. (If you're a female, you should understand this difference all too well.) Two pairs of ballet flats from Target and 2 1/2 inch dress boots from Spain. Plus a pair of tennis shoes, which are indeed "good" shoes, especially for traveling, but which cannot be worn when one is wandering all over the city doing job interviews and meeting with managers in order to drop off CVs (CVs are the European equivalent of resumes).

Even if you wanted me to tell you about the scenery, I couldn't, because I'm never looking at it - I'm always staring at my feet, thinking about how much they hurt as I walk to whatever job related thing I might be going to for the day. *Stupid shoes, stupid shoes, STUPID SHOES!* It's almost like those chants you repeat over and over in your head when you're trying to meditate. *Stupid shoes, stupid shoes, stu-* And in my trance-like state, I just stepped into the path of a Cork city bus.

At least something other than my feet hurt now.

The next entry will have more of a point. I promise.