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Rachel’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Mar 2006

Location: Cork, Ireland

MapJust a quick note, because I'm about to run out the door for a walk and then some dinner.

In our look back at the past nine day battle between Sun and Clouds in Ireland, the score currently stands at:

Clouds: 9 Sun: 0

If we'd like to see how Rain vs. No Rain is doing, the standing is:


Ok, I have no idea how to put that one in score form, because if it's not raining constantly like it did for four days straight last week, it's doing this strange misting/spitting in your face/hanging in the air thing...

Rain: 4 Cloud spit: 5 General Dryness: 0

New travel slogan for Ireland: "So you think you've experienced frizzy hair before? HA. Travel to Ireland this month with Little Leprechaun Travel Agency and see your hair in a horrific state like you've never seen it before!"

Things have been unseasonably wet over here lately, that's for sure. To quote our cab driver from a few days ago:
"Sure then, they said it was going to clear up... but they didn't say what fecking year! Two thousand and fecking ten, I'd say!"

This would also be the same man who told us that the whole leprechaun thing started because of mushrooms. "Of course if yer smokin' feckin' mushrooms yer goin' to be seein' short people!"

And with that deep thought, courtesy of an Irishman, I shall leave you for the night!