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Rachel’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Jun 2006

Location: Cork, Ireland

MapI still need to do entries about where I've travelled and about all things Irish...

Those will have to wait, because I'll be gone for a bit travelling with my cousin Teri (although I go so long between writing as it is that I doubt anyone will even notice!).

Teri and I are starting out in Poland tomorrow (Friday) and will visit Warsaw, Krakow, and Auschwitz (Stop making that face - I don't understand why so many people get weirded out when I tell them we're going to a concentration camp. It's a rather vital part of recent history that deserves reflection, don't ya think??). From there we'll possibly head to Prague (Czech Republic), and then who knows. Depends on how much time we have until Teri has to fly home for her job. Slovakia, Croatia, who knows??? We'd both like to go to Normandy, but I don't know if we'll make it all the way to the western coast of France with the time we have. If we do, I'm thinking we could call this the Tour of Death. No doubt my pictures will be uplifting. "See, this is where they gassed thousands of Jews, and over here is where thousands of American soliders died on D-Day!"

I never claimed to be an overly positive person.

Ha, that reminds me - when I was hired with the temp agency, Ashling told me that the clients are usually looking for temps who are, and I quote, "warm and bubbly." ............ Umm. Right. Excuse me, Ashling, slight issue here. Rachel does not do "bubbly." She's too intelligent for that kind of insipid personality defect. She can manage "warm," but no, definitely not "bubbly."

"Like, this office is painted the most amazing shade of butternut I have ever seen! Oooh, and this is my desk?! Why, it's, like, so perfectly desk-like!!! And ohmygosh, this is the phone I'll be using?! How fantastic is this?!?!"

Again, I digress.

Teri and I were originally going to Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg), but we ran out of time to get the visas (you should SEE the requirements to get a visa in order to get in to that place - it's CRAZY. But I guess that's what it's like when you're still dwelling in the shadows of communism and the old Soviet Union) and the plane tickets also became very expensive because our planning was very last minute. No worries, though - I plan to do a Former Soviet Union Trip sometime in the near future... Russia, Estonia, Lavtia, Lithuania, all that jazz. My parents thought they could relax when they heard we wouldn't be able to squeeze in Russia during our trip, but I unfortunately will insist on making them worry about it again within the next few years.

Anyway, this kid has packing to do. More when I return to Cork or if I find a computer during Teri's and my Tour of Death.