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Rachel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Jun 2006

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapSo the Tour of Death (or the Tour of Beer, as Teri and I also decided it could be called) has come to an end. All in all we ended up visiting Krakow and Warsaw in Poland, Berlin in Germany (we managed to escape before the World Cup started on Friday - Germany is host and things are going soccer crazy over there), and Prague and a little town called Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. It was an absolutely FANTASTIC time - Teri and I are a hoot when we travel together - and I'll have to write about the trip and put up pictures later.

I'll also have to share our quote collection, because it highlights what happens when the Stevens cousins invade countries together. A few examples:

"I probably shouldn't tell you this, but at first I thought the boat tour guy in his uniform was part of the Czech navy. Never mind that this is a landlocked country."
"You never know. The Czechs may have to patrol their inland waterways, what with all their enemies trying to be stealthy and sneak up the rivers."

Teri, to our German cab driver:
"How did you meet your wife?"

Rachel, to two 18-year-old Swiss guys:
"Have you heard of Fran Drescher? You know, from The Nanny?"

Teri headed to London today (Saturday) so that she can fly back to California, and I ended up wandering to Austria by myself. It's really rather lonely to travel alone after spending so much time with Teri, but I'll survive because it's just for a few days. Going to spend time in Vienna tomorrow, then I'm heading to Innsbruck and Salzburg for some lovely Alps scenery. By Wednesday morning I'll be flying back into Cork, and then will just hang out, pack, etc. until I fly out of Dublin on Thursday the 22nd.

Hopefully I'll be able to get my trip entries finished during that last week in Cork, too!

More later - from Vienna with love!