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Ben+Leigh in the UK’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Jul 2007


So we didn't go to Cambridge's for punting.... and we haven't been on a Beatles tour yet... oh and the weather is TERRIBLE.. or at least it has been for the last little while. Rain, Rain and MORE Rain!

And the stupid Home Office changed its rules about getting a Highly Skilled Migrant Visas THE WEEK I applied, so now I have to do a bunch of different stuff to get it organised : (

So we had a couple of bad weeks there... which meant we had to cancel our move to the nicer house :(

But it's all good. So what have we been up to?

Well, Wimbledon releases about 600 center court and court 1 tickets.... but there is a fairly long queue in the morning for these... so If you want tickets you pretty much have to camp overnight.

So on Friday night we camped out overnight in the queue for Wimbledon... we were 191 and 192 in line =) The camping out is quite organised, they have marshalls that parole the queue and hand out queue cards so people cant queue jump etc. and they come and wake you up in the morning and everything! it was pretty good.

So then they compressed the queue and moved the start point into the acutal ticket place and everyone who was getting tickets got these sexy arm bands, and all those behind could either leave or get regular tickets for the day to all the other courts.

Unfortunately for us, We got 3rd row seats to Centre Court right in the middle. And the standing order for the day was Muresmo, Nadal then Lleyton Hewitt. Why is that unfortunate you ask? Well... because it was so much more dissapointing when it RAINED all day and we only got like 55 mins of play : (

But it was still fun, the camping was enjoyable, and the 55 mins of tennis we watched was good, and we had pimms and lemonade, and strawberries and cream. Maybe we'll get a chance to come back next year.

This weekend we also scored tickets to a chinese opera - Monkey - Journey to the West. Journey to the west is a fairly old chinese tale. We used to have a book at home that mummy used to read to me as a kid which was about the same story. Shows like Monkey Magic are based on the same charachters etc. Basically most of the stories include the bit with the monkey sage who gets trapped under buddhas palm for 500 years... but then he is released by a boy who is on a pilgramige to the west (which in this case is India). The boy tricks him into wearing a gold band around his head which tightens and he cant get it off, so whenever the monkey is bad, the boy can make it go really tight to punish him.

Anyways the guys from the band Gorillaz got together with some other people and made an opera about this story. And there were a few bits of animated stuff in it which were done by the guys who do the film clips for the gorillaz. The opera is in chinese, so they project subtitles onto the screen and they used a bunch of chinese acrobats to do most of the parts, so there was always people hanging from the roof, or climbing up bamboo poles, or doing flips, or hanging from strips of material.

So it was showing in Manchester, so we caught the train up for the day and got to check out a bit of Manchester before popping into the matinee and then grabbing some dinner then heading home on the train!

Anyways - better go have breakky!
Cyas all in about 3 weeks =)