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Ben+Leigh in the UK’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Sep 2007

Location: London, UK

MapHeya Guys... Sorry it's been a while!

I'll try and keep this brief or it will go on for days! So much to catch you all up on!

1) Well as most of you know... we went back home for Davids wedding, we caught up with you all which was fantastic! I really miss you all and it was great getting to see you. For those we didn't get the chance to catch up properly with - we're sorry... we were very busy!
The wedding was great, the weather was even nice... but alas... someone gave me a terrible terrible sickness and I was very very sick... so we had to postpone our flights home and miss out on our Japan stopover... But I made it back home... and got better! Yay!

2) We ducked down to Brighton the weekend after we got back... its supposed to be bit of a "Beach" town. Thats if you're happy to call something filled with rocks instead of sand a BEACH. I'm not, so i'll say it was a nice seaside visit. None the less... fantastic weather, i got a bit of a tan... wet our feet a bit and pretty much had a lovely weekend.
We then TRIED to make it to the Notting hill carnival...but didn't quite make it there.. just part of the way to go have birthday dinner for Nige

3) Been watching some Rugby world cup out in pub's n such. We've been hanging out a bit more with Gary, Kyle & Nige, along with some new friends Leonie and Benoit which is nice. People who aren't all about the beer! Hurrah!

4) On friday night, we left work, met at St Pauls Cathedral and headed across the wobbly bridge (aka the millennium bridge) across the Thames to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. We were there to watch a production of "The Merchant of Venice" and definitely an experience not to miss... even the uncomfortable wooden seating! But it gave a real impression of how it would have been back in Shakespeare's time, and it was a nice performance too!

5) Caught up with David's family who are over here in the UK at the moment.. Got to go out to dinner and chat to Adam, Sue, John, Skye, Erica and Matt. That was nice... being with a family over here.

6) At my work they have started doing what they call "Software Socials" in the Canteen/Common Room/Restaurant area downstairs. The first one was for the Launch of Heavenly Sword for PS3. It was as lame as the name "social" implies... but I did get to meet the creative director and character actor for some of the characters in the game, Andy Serkis, who happens to also be the guy who plays Golum in lord of the rings, and king kong in King kong among some other things.

7) We (Gary, Kyle, Ben and I) secured last minute tickets to the Rubgy World Cup match in Cardiff between Australia and Wales, alas we weren't able to find accommodation... so we had to just head out to Cardiff for the day... which didn't sound too bad, until we arrived at Paddington station on Saturday morning and discovered that the train was packed harder than the Victoria line in peak hour...uuughh.. a TWO HOUR train ride standing up in a crush of Australian expats in the isle of a train... Not exactly what I was expecting.

However the game was great, we were right in the back of the stadium, but we had a fantastic view, it was a great stadium. It was a good day... it would have been nice if we could have hung around for a bit after, because the city center was heaving! But unfortunately, we were stressing about being able to make it home... if the trains were as packed as they were on the way there.. and we weren't able to get on, we would have been stuck in Cardiff for the night with nowhere to stay!

When we arrived at the train station, we were dismayed to discover that there was a line about 8 miles long to get into the platform. Not cool. So we decided to be reaaally clever and catch a train further into wales towards Swansea, and then swap at the next station and catch the next train back the other way... cleverly ensuring us seats!

Well... it wasn't to be... somehow we got stuck at some random station in the south of wales for 2 hours because a train broke down on the platform and blocked the whole works up, so we think half the London trains bypassed the station we were at.

In the end it looks like by the time we got on the train we beat half the queue anyways... but it was a long and exhausting trip home.
None the less it was a fantastic day... lots of fun, and a great win by the Aussies!

so yeah... I think thats what we've done in the month since we've seen you! Hope I haven't missed anything out!

Once again - it was great seeing you all, and we DO miss you! You're all welcome to come and visit... we'll make room!