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neta’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Jul 2006

Location: Santa Elena, Venezuela

MapDear Friends,
as this is our first entry- this blog is an attemp to save up global mail and keep your inboxes empty for personal mails.
we came back a few days ago from a trek in mt Roraima- a table mountain 2800 m high!! it was half organized (which we tried to avoide) but turned out for the best- we went out with 3 horrible (so they turned out to be) belguimes who were inconsiderate, ran the whole track and never helped us even with a smile. we had an indian guide who showed us the way and carried a lot of the food supplies- and also cooked (and surprisingly it wasn´t bad!) . his name was peter and it was his first time up the mountain as a guide- so he didn´t knew much about it- but he had a good heart (he saved Neta from drowning in the river!). the way there and back was the same- first day was silly ups and downs, very long and tiring- it turned out that we are completely out of shape and that the belguims are walking like rabbits, running the trek without looking back. at first it got to us- and then we just decided that the hell with everyone, and we just walked our own pace and got to camp every day about an hour after everyone else. it was for the best- no people in the river so we could wash ourselves with fresh water and in privacy (no one to look at Neta´s fat legs).
the second day was the begining of the climb- we crossed two rivers and started climbling. it was very long and not so steep- but endless. about mid noon it started raining- we underastemated the rain here- and we got completly soked. Neta left her bag cover in caracas and our raincoats turned out too old so we got wet with or without it, and so did all of Neta´s bag and things got really heavy. we got to the next camp really late- we were exhusted and Neta slipped a couple of times that day- and when we made it to the camp the basterdes did´n´t leave any room for out tent. somehow we managed to place it and Neta was lucky that her sleeping bag was still dry and so was her fleece jacket and thermal shirt. Dor´s sleeping bag was a bit moisty but it got dry during the night, and he had alot of dry and warm things to wear as it is. when we woke up Dor felt really bad and we didn´t know if we can make it another day up to the top- but at the end decided to go for it and started climbing. everything was still cold and wet (i think that theres nothing worse than putting a freezing leg in a wet sock and in a freezing, wet and heavy shoe) but we left most of our wet clothes at that camp and so our bags were lighter. the second climb day was amazing- the steep was insane, almost 90 degrees- but the plants and ground and view all around us... amazing. we climbed up and this time the guide went with us and not out front with the belguims- and lucky for him, cause he fell pretty bad around the middle of the climb and Neta took care of him- put some polidin and a bandage on his leg. he needed it. it was still rainy but we didnt´get to wet cause of the plants- untill it was time to cross some waterfalls.... we didn´t think we can get any wetter but we did. (:
when we reached the last climb the sun came out and called us up to it- warmed our bones and sore legs and really helped us up. when we got to the top of it (2800 m, the highest we´ve ever climbed) Neta took off her rain coat, knee caps, the long pants- and just froze off the wind and warmed off the sun. it was worth everything.
by the time we got to the camp we realized that they again left no room for our tent (the bastereds) and we slept in an impossible angle. we stayed two nights on top- the next day they all went sightseeing on the top, and we stayed behind. we took ourselves for a walk- climbed a little pillar that was there to take some pics, saw some amazing quarts stones- the indians believe that it brings bad luck to take things from there, so Neta (under Dor´s threats) resisted herself and didn´t take anything but a pic. we couldn´t make out what kind of rocks is this mountain made out of- sea rocks i guess, it even looks like sand stones- in layers- maybe even Harsiyot- they couldn´t tell us.
we slept another night on top and the following day started decending. it was the hardest part for us we think- our knees worked the herdest and were so sore... the sticks helped and Neta slipped only 7 times! Lovely Dor didn´t slip at all. we decended the two days climb in just one day, and it was hard and endless and the food was hardly enought. we reached the first day base camp- after Neta almost fell into one of the rivers- had a refreshing shower in the river, and finally slept a decent night. we woke up for the last day- they told us the night before that there will be a jeep waiting for us in the end of the trek at 12 oclock. we told them it will take us at least an houre more- and so it did. those idiots even dared to ask us what happend when we finally got there. Neta said that what happened is ¨the same thing that happened every day. we just walked our own pace¨. idiots. Dor held himself from getting even more violent but we cursed them in hebrew with a smile the whole drive back (and actually the whole rest of the trip, if you think it through).
all ennded well and we were happy with the achivement- and celebreated with some chinese food. we sat with a couple from belgume as well- though they were educated and in their 30s. the man was a lot more pro- palastenian than pro israeli- but it was an interesting talk and we think we changed the way he thinks of israel, even if just a little bit. he said some interesting things- like that out country is the one who´s gonna set the destiny of the world. that what we are doing today effects everyone- and that don´t we find it strange that he knows the name of the past 5 priministers in israel, but has no idea who is the president in some great country in africa.... it was interesting and hard cause we didn´t quite knew what the news from home are.
you cant really disconnect from what´s going on- we think israel, if you really are connected to it (like we are)- is like a family member, you never really let it out of your mind. we practically are inlove with it, it´s really funny.

love you all, enjoy the pics and check this site from time to time
Dor & Neta.
(Neta ve Dor)