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neta’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Aug 2006

Location: Banos, Ecuador

MapDear Everyone,
gladly informing you all that we are in Banos (pronaunced as Banyos- and that means bathroom in spanish) afterr a few days of wiered but short rides and sightseeing.
We left Quito on thursday noon, taking a cab to the bus terminal. while talking to him (he did most of the talking, we mumbled back) he asked where we were going- we were going to Latakunga, from there we were supposed to get to Quilotoa- and he saw the bus and chased it for a few minutes so that we wouldn't miss it- he was really friendly. the busses are old fashioned but in a good condition- and there's a driver assistance that screams the stations. i managed to ask the assistance to tell us when we get to latakunga- and he did, and we got off and waited for the next bus to Quilotoa. the bus was weired- packed with indians, wearing the coolest hats in different colors and different feathers. the assistance asked two kids to get up so we can sit- and riding in a mountain road, we stayed last on the bus and got off at something that looked like the end of the world- freezing cold, 3800 m hight... we tried to find the cheep hostal- immidiatly a kid jumped on us and tried to sell us entrance to the Laguna- we said no thanx, than a hostal owner- offered a night + dinner + breakfast for 8$ a night. we said that its too much- and he dropped it to 6$. the water in the bathroom and in the toilet were green, and it was freezing cold- but the whole so called dormitory was just for us so it was a good deal. we decided to see the laguna today instead of tm- since there were no other tourists or attractions in Quilotoa- so we took the cooking stove, the flute... and went down. it was freezing cold and we could feel the altitude in every step- and we started decending. about 1/4 of the way we decided that there's no way we're going down- cause there's no way we're climbing it up, so we sat down. made some tea, eat our coronflakes leftovers, played a little, made way for the horses and ppl and sheeps to go up- and climbed the little we had.
we came back to the hostal to find that we weren´t alone as we thought- the hostal was packed with a bunch of frenchman. the only ones that were sociable were a couple of frenchman that decided to do south america on bycicle- we passed them with a truck the following day, it was amazing.
the meal was stange- the one thing worth mentioning was that we got soup with Kinoa inside- and popcorn as crutons.. it was really strange but addictive, so we ate.
the following day we got up and it turned out that another couple of frenchman (that turned out they were belguins- from the franch side) had a ride to zimbabue in a truck, and from there they planned to get to Latacunga and then souther to Banos. after chacking and finding out that the next bus to latakunga is at noon... we decided to take the truk. before that i took a little walk in the ¨village¨- the wind was sooo strong that it nearly blew me off my feet. the way in the truck was amazing- we saw the two cyclists on the way. from there we took a bus to latakunga and then to ambato. the two belguins stayed behind. after a chicken lunch we strolled Ambato- it´s a boring city with nothing to see or do. on our way back we met the two belguins again- Arian and Mu- they stayed in our guest house and we´ve invited them to play cards with us. to out surprise they came- and we played shithead untill we ran out of scothch... (:
from there we took the bus to Baños- and here we are. to be c--tinud, take care out there...