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Philly from Chile’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Mar 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapHi everyone!
I hope you all got our last mail. If not write us a mesage with your mail addess and we'll send it.
The last couple of weeks have been hectic. The OASIS concert was amazing. We managed to push our way to the second from the front row for wonderwall! We got really keen and went in Rugga jerseys and took our SA flags...which we managed to get onto the big screen!
last week Alex found a birthday chart in the staffroom and decided to add our birthdays to it. She didn't realise that she had actually signed us onto the 'birhtday club'..lame one:)
We've recently made some new friends so have been going out lots. the big night here is Thursday so Friday is always a bit of a right off. Saw Brokeback mountain the other day...dont see it.
Went out last night and met up with fellow South Africans and Bishops boytjies Theo and James.
Had to go to Vina(the coast) with the volleyball teams this weekend for their matches and had to help out at a hockey tournament today. We're now playing touch rugby and hockey twice a week. We starting rugby matches this week and have a hockey tournament next Sunday.
Hope you enjoy our photos...please leave us messages.

Bye bye
Philly and Alex