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Philly from Chile’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Apr 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapAnother week has gone by...time does fly
On Monday night we went for supper with our friend Chicho. we went to the family restaurant and met the father and mother this time. We also met their missionary friend from Africa. We had never heard of the country he came from so we just smiled and said 'oh ya'.:)
On Wednesday we went to the Santiago zoo with the grade 1's.The zoo was pretty awful as the cages were abysmal. Never the less we did see tigers, kangaroos, polar bears, ugly monkeys and llamas! We felt really sorry for the African animals that had tiny pens and no trees. The grade 1's were running around and giving us a headache. In the evening we played touch rugby with our team. Our team is called the T-birds(as in thunderbirds).As anyone heard of that cause we reckon its not from our decade. After practice we went to the pub with our team mates for some bonding.
Thursday was the day that Alex's rash broke out.gasp!!!!
She wasn't sick enough to miss out on the usual Murano experience. We had a good night out but have decided that 7am is too late to come home as it is light already and some of the teachers have arrived by then.
Friday was the usual right off especially for Alex as the rash spreeeeaad over her body. Nick, Emily and myself went to the cinema up the road to see Memoirs of a Geisha. It was great...way better than brokeback mountain(sorry Tash).
Tomorrow we have a hockey match and then its off to the doctor with Alex.

bye bye