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Philly from Chile’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Apr 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

Maphi Peeps!
Thanks everyone for visiting our site. We've had almost 200 visits!stoked!
last week Alex and myself missioned to the airport to fetch Nick. We made him a huge sign saying bienvenidos nick! Everybody was checking out our sign wishing they were Nick! :)
That night we had our first rugby match. It was good fun but sadly we lost as a certain English bloke on our team wouldn't stop swearing at the ref and tripping players etc.
The following evening Emily, alex and myself were invited by a Chilean family for supper. We had a good time and were even offered a pet cat but decided against it due to the state of our house. We then met up with the boys for the usual Murano experience.
On Saturday we decided it was high time we caught the first bus that came past and see where we landed up. Well we landed up having a pic nic in Vitacura in a small park with a fountain.
On Sunday evening us South Africans decided the weather was too good to waste and had a fat braai! it was great...nick is quite a legend when it comes to food.
A new Argentinean friend, Seb, has invited us to a party tomorrow and then its camping in the mountains this weekend so I'll let you all know how it goes.

bye bye
Philly and Alex