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Philly from Chile’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Apr 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

Maphi Mense

2 weekends ago we all headed off to Cajon Del Maipo for Easter weekend. Cajon Del Maipo is a beautiful camping spot in the Andes and is one of Chiles highlights. We caught the metro to a funky bus stop and then sat on a dodgy jampacked bus all the way there. The bonus was that we got there for a whole 1000 pesos (R10).
The camping spot is in a valley so we were surrounded by mountains. We attempted to go hiking but sadly we weren´t allowed to go walking on our own and if we wanted a guide it would have cost us 10 000 pesos each!!!! exploitation of tourists to the max! so we only did one walk and that was to the two waterfalls in the reserve. It was all good though as we spent the days chilling and really had fun! by night well we braaied as true South Africans do. We played a dodgy concentration game involving farm animal noises. Nick(Howard) and myself also started a fiercy competitive foozball competition which is not over!
Last week Alex and Nick went to Mendoza a fantastic time...but hopefully she will write soon and elaborate on that. We have a long weekend this weekend so will hopefully go away today or tomorrow. Today is a bit of a write off as Alex and myself went up into the mountains yesterday to see Infected Mushrooms so we're a bit on the tired as got home when the sun was shining.

Al and I will write soon
bye bye