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Philly from Chile’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Apr 2006

Location: Mendoza, Argentina


Nick was here for 3 weeks and for his last week we decided to go to Mendoza, Argentina. Our bus trip was quite long but that was definately made up for by the beautiful scenery! The journey to Mendoza from Santiago is through the Andes the whole way and the border post is right in the middle of the Andes. We passed Portillo, the main ski resort in Chile, and we got a quick glance of Aconcagua as we entered Argentina. We arrived in Mendoza and checked in at a wonderful hostel. The first two days we spent shopping, which was a bit of a joke as everything was soooo cheap!! We decided to go on a big city tour...which was quite interesting but also a bit boring a some points as San Martin is mentioned in every sentence. We also thought that it would be quite appropriate to go on a wine tour as Argentina is ranked as one of the top wine regions. We were taken to 3 wineries and a distilery which were very interesting. Nick was teaching me how to do the whole wine tasting thing as I didnt really have a clue! We met an It on the tour with us...SHE was from England and she shaved her beard!!!!! At the end of the tour, we were treated to a hhhuuuuggggeeeee buffet lunch and loads of was fantastic and just what we needed.
We also went on a wonderful trek to Aconcagua and Puenta del Inca with an Argentinian guide, Mario, who spoke "pocito" (a very litte) English and who had summited Aconcagua 10 times!! Our day started off with a 4 hour bus ride to the Aconcagua Park where we surprisingly saw Aconcagua (6963masl I think-tallest mntn in the Americas) and then a lovely trek to Puenta del Inca which is the ruin of a hotel which got destroyed in an Avalanche in the 1600s. The river water just below it has some mineral in it which turns anything that you put in the water yellow over 2 weeks-weird!
The next day was time to we sadly packed our bags and left! It was an amazing experience!

Nick left to go back to London which was all very sad as we enjoyed his company over the last 3 weeks...thanks nick!

On friday night we went to the Infected Mushrooms was amazing! Phil and I met some new peeps and stomped the night away!!! We eventually rolled into bed at about 6am.
This weekend was a long weekend and phil, lily and I decided that life was too short to stay in the grange flat for the we caught a bus to Viña Del Mar (the beach). We had an interesting experience at the bus station as some dodgy guy tried to open my bag but i caught him and then warned phil and lily about him as he kept following us... he then went up to Phil made some funny sign with his hands and klopped her in the shin and then ran away. Very very random and quite scary! We arrived in Viña ready for a day on the beach, only to find that it was raining! We managed to get a room in some guys apartment right on the we decided that it was too cold for camping! The highlight of Viña was definately the cool bike/rikshaw things which we hired and went on the roads with. This was indeed very hazardous as they drive on the right and it was 12 at night...this was the closest we´ve got to driving the entire year so we were very stoked!

Next week is our mid-term break so we will be off again and will return with more news and stories for you all... love to you all