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Dromonis’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Apr 2006

Location: Canada

MapWell, another day and another night out!!

Last night Buzz and I headed downtown to Zaphods again. We didnít get as many pictures but we did get a bunch of people that I was actually sitting and chatting with! I would put them up to show you but I have run out of space so I will just show everyone when I get home!

I left my camera with Matt and Sarai after I left (I caught a bus home a bit earlier than they did, Iím getting old you know) and I got them both back safe and sound. Of course, with a couple more pictures on them!! There are some random photos of police cars and Matt said there was a fight at Maccas and 5 cop cars rocked up! (I called McDonalds Maccas and they had no idea what I meant!)

I have just finished a 4 hour shift at work but it was a killer. Can anyone guess who was a little under the weather after last night??

Not much else happening here. Iím not going to go to Montreal this w/end, I am going on something that is called a sugar trail, or something like that. I think it involves me heading out on a sled and getting some maple syrup or something like that. Should be good fun and Montreal will be happening the following w/end!!

Iím going to go to bed, later dudes