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Dromonis’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Apr 2006

Location: Canada


Ok, I have realised that there isn't the story of Buzz up here!

I was leaving Canberra on Thursday and Joey was up at my place. We were talking about how I should take a stuffed toy of Pollard's or Brady's and take photos of it everywhere.

Joey said to me "I bet you have something of mine and are just being a smart @rse aren't you?" I didn't at that stage but it gave me a brilliant idea! Joey's house was a lot close to my place than Pollard's and Leigh's place so it was more out of convience than anything.

Anyway, I called Joeys mum, told her the plan and she said to stop in on my way out of town. When I did she gave me little Buzz.

On a side note, Joey always uses the nick name "Buzz Light Year" in computer games and that sort of thing which is why he had a toy Buzz.

Anyway, that is my little note for today!! Apart from that nothing interesting happening.