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Patti's Passages’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Sep 2006

Location: San Jose, USA

MapI'm leavin in just a few short hours to go to India. Well, I've got a few hours until my plane leaves, but then I've got a long flight to India. I'm going to be visiting Divya, a good friend from middle school. We'll be in Delhi for a few days and then flying to Chennai and spending the rest of the 2 weeks down there.

I just got off the phone with Divya. She told me to pack light. She also said to be prepared for anything. In my mind, those two things contradict one another. How can I pack lightly, but be prepared for anything at the same time? Yes, I do travel with a first aid kit- I just bought a new one at REI. No, I mostly likely won't ever use half the stuff in it, but I like to be prepared. When I've gone camping or on other vacations, I joke that I used to be a Boyscout, because I try to always be prepared. Thinking ahead to what it is that I might need. No of course, I won't every have every contigency planned for. But it makes sense to me to cover the basics; the things it's reasonable to believe will happen and can be prevented or minimized.

I wish Shou Chi was going with me. I'd make her entertain me on the 19 hour flight to India. I was thinking to take my iPod, but it occurs to me, I don't know how I'll charge it back up over there. I guess I could just assume & hope that Divya will have something that I can use to charge it with. I only bought the adapter for India since I couldn't figure out the whole deal with converters vs transformers. I couldn't find a transformer over 50 Watts, nor a converter that said it was suitable for electronic circuitry. Maybe some ppl would need one for something else, but that's the only think I would need to plug in! I mean only electronics, such as my camera battery. I have two now, thanks to temporarily losing the original one. Don't ask!

I've been watching Indian movies this week that were suggested by my Lonely Planet India guidebook. I just watched two tonight, while I was sort of packing. That means I looked over everything again and took out somethings and rolled up my clothes to pack them. However, everything is still sitting in a clothes basket and not in my backpack at all. I am assuming that everything will fit, but honestly I don't know yet. I had forgotten I have a few more shirts still hanging in the closet. Anyways, back to the Indian movies- more interesting than my ordeals with choosing the right clothes to take on my trip.

First I watched "Raincoat." It was the shorter of the two; it was alright. It did remind me of the "Gift of the Magi" at the end, which makes sense after seeing that it was based on O'Henry. I wished there had been more to it; I'd have liked to see more happened between the main characters after the movie ended. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer was a much better movie. I had thought it was going to be too serious and a downer, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, Hindus & Muslims is a serious topic, and some bad stuff happened in the movie, but it was more about the interpersonal relationships that were formed over the course of a few days during some hard times. Odd that both of tonights movies were centered around Calcutta. Previously, I had been watching movies all set around Bombay/Mumbai.

Alrightly, it's 5 am and my plane leaves in 7 hours. Maybe I should go to bed, though I'm getting adjusted to Indian time I guess, since it's 6:30 pm there now. But I'll bea complete zombie if I don't get any sleep. But I haven't finished putting everything (really anything) into my bag just yet.

I'm going to try to keep this updated as the trip goes along. If not, I'll have to transfer my notes from my pda to this site after I get home. I'm surprised that I've gotten sveral requests for trip update emails like I've sent to my family in the past. The surprise is that it was my coworkers asking! I kenw my aunt had shared soem of the emails with my boss, but I hadn't realized how many of the coworkers knew the details of my misadventures too. I've got to stop missing flights and getting stranded in random locales! This trip is supposed to simple, but things never go as planned, even I know not to expect that.