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Janie’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Apr 2006

Location: Acocks Green, Birmingham, England

MapWell, I started work yesterday, and sure enough they had me driving all over Birmingham visiting clients from the get go. I have mostly mastered the clutch, however I am sure I would not pass a driving test.
I haven't quite sussed whether my new job is an ok one or a really really terrible one. I have taken on a senior position, however I was not expecting it being the only OT position in the service. In fact, it is the only clinical position. everyone else in the place is clerical support for various health authorities, and I walk in in the mornings, through everyone else seated in a big open plan office, and into my own little office off to the side. Its really quite lonely! But maybe once I get to know some of the other ladies things might improve some.
No body quite knows how to answer my questions and beyond that they are struggling to even find work for me to do. It is so different from my last post where I worked as part of a team of OTs working through a waiting list that was up to 9 months long. They stress out where I am if clients have to wait 2 weeks to be seen.
I have moved into a room in a nice family home in a posh part of Birmingham. Its really nice, and clean, and modern. Such a big change from nurses accommodation. My plans thus far are only to stay for about one month but I may be moving on sooner than that if things don't pan out well at work.
What I have seen thus far of Birmingham has been pretty cool. John and I checked out the centre of Birmingham on the weekend. It was nice. which was kind of a shock really. everything I had heard before now was that it is a bit of a dump and that I wouldn't understand the Birminghamers. But I haven't had a problems so far. I am living quite inner city so perhaps I have a bit of a skewed perspective of the city thus far tho.
Well, I hope you are all well. I'm missing you all heaps
Take care
Love Janie