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Ben and Shaz’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Jun 2006

Location: Antequera, Andalucia, Spain

MapHi again,
This place is awesome! After Lisbon, we caught the train down to Tavira, in the South east corner of Portugal. Had an outstanding feed of Calimari, washed down with about a litre of Sangria (like a fruit punch with wine and brandy as far as I can tell) sitting by the waterfront as the sun went down. Brilliant!
Next day we caught the bus across the border to Huelva to pick up a rental car. I chose Huelva to collect a rental car from because it looked absolutely tiny on the map, though it should be straight forward to escape from........wowser! We survived, but by the skin of our teeth. There were enough one way streets, excited fast driving spaniards and dodgy motorway transitions to give me nightmares for months to come. It was bad enough driving on the wrong side of the road with all of the above, but no one ever tells you that you are also sitting on the wrong side of the car, changing gear with your right hand! Man that was weird. I only stalled the car twice, and only one of those times was on a motorway exit. Sweet! I think I only got honked at 5 times? Sharon, my co-pilot, was outstanding - although she has a proven track record of excitability in stressful circumstances, she remained a calming influence and good source of direction throughout the whole episode. Whew!!
The driving aside, Andalucia is everything I imagined it would be....golden fields of wheat, sunflowers shimmering in the sun. Our car registered an outside temperature of 37.5 degrees at one point. As we worked our way east to Antequera, the plains gave way to massive limestone bluffs. Very cool.
Better keep moving, gotta get pysched for driving in Granada tomorrow (Granada also looked tiny on the map, but on closer inspection of the Lonely Planet, turns out to be a seething mass of a quarter of a million hot blooded crazies).
See you there!