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Ben and Shaz’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Jun 2006

Location: Valencia, Spain

MapHi again,
Didn´t manage to get an entry in from Granada, but lets just say right now how awesome the Al Hambra is. Its a massive palace, fortress and gardens built by the Arabic Rulers in the 13th to 15th centuries (roughly, I think......I only got 55% in 5th form history!). Anyway, the whole thing is stunning. For a start, its perched on a hill top overlooking the whole city, the plains below, and with the back drop of the Sierra Nevada mountain range (still with patches of snow). The scale of it is awesome, but the intricate detail in the palace itself is amazing.....and this is even with half a thousand years of fading on the paint work. The way it is built makes it beautifully cool and peaceful inside, even though it is murderously hot outside....outstanding.

So yeah, that was the Al Hambra....we didn´t do a lot else in Grenada - getting the car in and out provided enough entertainment to leave us nervous wrecks in our hotel room for the rest of the time (I´m joking....sort of)

On the way there, we spent nearly a whole day driving through the back blocks of the Sierra Nevada which was really cool. Really remote, we went for up to an hour at a time without seeing another person, which was nice for a change.

Sharon has by now decided that the Mediterranean is definitely a piece of her. I don´t know how I am going to prise her out of the place when it comes to leave. I think the promise of shopping in New York with Pat might do it, but only just!

(I had this saved as a draft from Valencia, didn't quite get it finished, but now in Italy, so am going to post as is)

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