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Ben and Shaz’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Jun 2006

Location: Como, Lombardy, Italy

MapHi guys,
Quick entry, never seem to have enough time. Too busy having fun!
Since Valencia :
2 nights in Barcelona, absolutely awesome, loved it to bits (liked it a lot more than Valencia). The Sagrada Familia Cathedral I think is my favourite piece of architecture for the whole trip so far. Still 50 or so years from completion, but amazing! Caught up with Catherine and Adam, which was really good, nice to speak Kiwi to other people for a change.

1 night in Nice, which was Nice (!), but not brilliant. France is definitely not a place we would hurry back to, especially compared to what we have experienced in Portugal, Spain and now Italy. Pat (Sharons mum) joined us here, after as crazy weather affected journey, its good to have her safely with us. Looking forward to some fun times with the Shop and Walk-a-holic!

1 night in Milan, first night in Italy, and man do we love it! Visited the Duomo (cathedral) - massive!, but the highlight of our short stay was the Ballet at Teatro alla Scala. Very cultural, quite different from anything we have done before, but very very cool!

Now in Como, which is a town of 80,000 beside a lake of the same name, north of Milan and not far from Switzerland. Very beautiful - similar to the lakes in central Otago, but we would have to say not quite as lovely! Maybe we are biased. Really loving Italy, the people and food are outstanding. We just had a guy call to us across the street inviting us into his restaurant - he actually stopped the traffic for us to cross the road, and by now you know what the traffic is like in the Mediterranean!!!! We felt obliged to at least go and have a beer. Outstanding!

Well, we have been away 2 weeks now, 5 weeks left! From hear the plan is another 10 days or so in Italy finishing in Rome, then over to greece for 10 days, followed by a spell in the States on our way home.
Work is looming altogether too close now!!!!!

Better fly, love from the 3 of us. Take care y'all!