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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

MapAfter a long weekend of seeing the nightlife of Argentina, the rest of the week is as a tourist... yes, I took the camera out of the bag, and no I havent been robbed yet!
The more time i spend in Buenos Aires the more I like it. Juan has a sailing boat (velero - actually, im not going to write anything in spanish because I know that Richard and Matilde will be reading it, and if its wrong, I will get killed.) But we sailed out the port and I was able to see Buenos Aires from long way out to sea. I went with Juan, his mother and another sailer - Marcela and they were fansinated that I hadn´t been on one before... Juan read a book saying that 70% of Australias own a boat... that must be in John Howards book alongside ´the average Australian earns over $50,000´ (im looking at you Mat Kearny and Denis) but leaving that aside, it was awesome, and we will be going again on Monday.
With Juan and so forth busy studying, i was left alone to rome the city today. Catching the bus was not a problem, and got off at San Martin Plaza. San Martin was the guy who freed Argentina from the spanards. (correct if wrong, Matilde)
With all the plazas and the people laying down in them, I dont think anybody does anything in Buenos Aires except walk there dog and lay on the grass... hey, i can adjust. Little be different to RBH - sorry Sarah.
But I think there are 2 dogs for every person here and soon they will take over the city. Ritch Hughes - you would get by here my man - muchos perros. (the only 2 words he knows in spanish!!)
I walked down the widest avenue in South America, or is it the world... Juan doesnt know, but its bloody wide, then headed to Congress, where there was a protest... apparently not that uncommon... police and urban guards everywhere though.
I want to put the correct names on places in but I dont have them with me... will put in later and you guys wont even notice, see I can change the diary entries if I like... cool eh?
Going down south to Juan´s farm for the weekend. I am keen to see what people are like outside Buenis Aires I heard they really nice.
I am also seeing Intoxicado there... if that means anything to anybody.
Pictures up soon guys, i forgot my camera this time.

Matilde - called and spoke to your mum. Luz not there but will be there tomorrow, so I will call again. Richard, they thought I was you when I answered!! We are still getting mixed up and Im not at work!!