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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Location: El Campo, Argentina

MapWell, have just got back for the farm where Juan grew up.
Man, his house was bloody beautiful. Anna and Rob, you would never leave this house. If you visited it, you would be like, no.... im going to stay forever.
It was huge!! and not a house to be seen in a 4km radius. Nothing but farm land.
For those who actually care, it was about 1 hour north of Santa Rosa. It took about 6 hours of car driving (and that was the scariest drive of my life!!) but it was worth it.
MUM- stop reading here.
Man, I dont get car sick, but I was very close to throwing up because of the craziness of Juans driving... speeds over to 160km/h passing cars on a 2 lane highway, and missing passing cars and semi-trailers by less than 2 seconds.... i prayed to every God I know to get back to Buenos Aires alive, and thank all of them, because I made it. Argentines are the worst by far of all countries i have visited, on the road.
MUM- start reading here.
Whilst in Santa Rosa, I saw Intoxicados. You dont have to known spanish to realise what the name of the band meant, or what kind of music they played...
Then I found out it was an all ages concert- yes, there still was alcohol, along with hundred 10 year olds asking, ´so, you like ACDC.´ And for all the Argentines out there reading this... NO I DONT LISTEN AND HAVE NEVER SEEN ACDC PLAY.
But even though I couldnt understand much, I had a great time listening to the band. After a quick cupper with Juans dad, it was back to the surreal house and farm.
The air was so clear and the silence was electric.... the BBQ we made reminded me of the times in Ballina when I burnt everything in the garden in a small fireplace i made of bricks.. Joel, if your reading-- he understands.
At night, the sky was so bright from the moon you would think the sun was up, but though a little bit cold... ahhh... all good though.
We really didnt do much though. Not much you can do at a huge farm. We cooked up a storm and ate like kings.
I remember looking out to the fields on the porch of Juans house looking out across the fields in between the trees, with the sky light up with the suns moonlight and seeing a star shoot across the sky.... hey if your not jealous now, you bloody well should be.
Ill see you in Posadas.....