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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 May 2006

Location: Buenos Aires - La Boca, Argentina

MapJust a quick note today to say the pictures wont be long... having trouble putting them on the site.... stupid PC´s... shhhhh... I think they heard me.
Also, Ritch and Matilde, I met your sister Luz, and even though she had her foot in a crutch, she took me to La Boca. Absolutely wonderful, dynamite lassie, and will hopefully see her on again on Wednesday as well as tu casa in San ?Isidero. I felt so bad having to drag her around with her sore foot!! Please say Muchas Gracias to here for me, because my spanish still needs work.
We shared a meal in La Boca and watched the local dance tango... pictures up soon guys..