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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 May 2006

Location: Posadas, Argentina

MapWell here we are.
The reason the whole trip was started, and it definitely hasnt been a let down.
Buenos Aires was gorgeous, and had to be basically dragged to the airport by Juans brother. After spending more and more time there, the more and more I did not want to leave. So, I hopped onto the plane (after a 1 and 1/2 hour delay, my first and hopefully last when I travel- hey, now I know what it feels like Rula!!) with the satisfaction that I will be coming back for 4 days after 1 month in Posadas.
Arrived into Posadas and 14ºC. WHO THE HELL SAID IT WAS GOING TO WARM??? IM GOING TO KILL THEM!! It is bloody freezing especially when you didnt bring any clothes to wear and you work early mornings-- yes, I work at 7:30 in the morning, really glad i packed 4 pairs of shorts. Stop bloody laughing. This all adds up to going into town and buying some warmer bloody clothes after this message.
Posadas is very different Buenos Aires but still great. I havent seen all just yet, but if I got use to Buneos Aires in 2 weeks, I think i will get use to Posadas.
After meeting all the English and 1 American voluteer here, we had a small orientation and so forth, and then a small party for a named Tash´s birthday which was that day-- well, small turned into pretty big ended in the Power night club, which they say is the 3rd biggest nightclub in Argentina... I could possibly believe it too.
The prices are quiet the same. Heinikein, Bud and Quilmes are an expensive 5 pesos for 1L. About AUS$2.50.... Good God.
But its wasnt only that... the to guy ratio was ridiculous.... in a bloody brilliant way. I know you wont believe me, but I know the truth. With no exaggeration, about 15:1 no joke.
BrrrrrdrdrrdrrdrrdrdrrdrrrBBR- BRrbrbrbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!- !!!
WHAT?!! What is that noise?? Here comes The Ritch swimming his way here from Brizzy already!!!
But back to business. My first day of work was today, and it goes until about 12:30pm. Everybody there are volunteers from Posadas, and that is probably why they are great people.
The parents start dropping off their kids at about 7-8am, all about 30 kids with ages ranging from bubs to 4 years.. I think the other volunteer Rach, had her hair pulled out 70 times, oh and they love to jump on you... from anywhere. Couch, table, chairs.. doesnt matter. But great fun.
Im living in the out regions of Posadas with a family which doesnt speak any English whatsoever. Out of all the volunteers here, im probably the one which speaks the most, so Mirta, the mother of the family im staying with is quiet happy... you would be proud Matilde (and Denis!)
The family consists of the father, Marcelo, and 3 kids. Juan, Belen, and Pablo. Pablo lives mostly in the city, so I dont see him often, but everybody is really really great. Livnig next door is another volunteer Rachael from California, who im working with at the Childcare centre. Living here has its good and bad... we are really close to work, but far from the city and nightlife. All the other volunteers are quiet close- oh well, cant have it all.
Well, i guess I better buy some warmers clothes. I hope you all are well and missing you all very much!!!
Love and adios.