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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 May 2006

Location: Posadas, Argentina

MapFeriado dia hoy.
Yep, its a public holiday. Even though most other volutneers had the day off, the clan out in Barrio Terraza had to still go to work at 8am in the guarderia. It wasnt working normally though... the kids were participating in the parade for the Day of Indepence from Spain. They were so cute... all dressed up and marching in front of everybody holding onto a rope... yeh, went a bit camera crazy. It all went well, and Home Alone 4 wasnt made by losing any kids. Hopefully get some photos up on here for you guys to have a looksie soon.
BUT, even the 8am start was difficult today. You see, Pablo and his friend was kind enough to invite us Bowling last night. After meeting up with some of the volunteers for a bite of dinner... the ones with a bit of spirit said yes to the bowling adventure.
If you could afford it. I was one of the expensive bowling alleys in this area.... at 4 pesos. Hmmmmm.... a little bit different. But there was one thing about this bowling alley that made it unique. There was the fact that I didnt have the flashing lights, storbes, video clips and half women on the screens, in fact nothing of that. BUT, it did have a man working behind the pins, picking each of them up as we knocked them down!!!! This means, we could possible hit them with a miss timed bowl. I guess this is why its the ´expensive´ bowling alley at $AUS2. Cover the insurance for hitting the boys putting the pins back standing..
Pablo´s friend Yelen, told me once that she´d had hit one... and felt y horrible. WHOOPS!!!
Miss you to everybody, and thank God its warming up!!
I will keep you posted on the broken leg on the bowling attendent.