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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 May 2006

Location: Posadas, Argentina

MapHi and hello to all.
Thank God I can take off my long pants... someone is listening to my prayers.
Hope that you all are well and I am missing Australia very much... wait a second, im in South America!!! Depression gone.
Work is going well and the early mornings suck, but all in all having a great time. This last weekend we decided to head out to the ruins which are all around here.. You see, when the all dominant europeans came venturing around the world, (as they all do), they decided to build all these Christian Missions around the area to ´help´ the local population to, ´see the light.´ However, from what i can gather, the portugese came and made a mess of things, and now they are called the Ruinas De San Ignacio, and so forth.
Very gorgeous though. Reminded me somewhat of Stonehenge though in Argentina and really nothing like them at all, but it still reminded me of it. Clare, Rachael, Leri and I caught the bus out there and with a beautiful day above us- the views, the sunshine and ruins were bloody ´linda.´ (I will put some pictures up soon so dont worry.) We tasted some of the local cuisine, and after eating half, we decided that if we wanted to avoid throwing up, we should stop there. Other than that, a fantastic day.
Hopefully we will be going to the all famous Iguazu Falls this weekend.... so i will keep you posted. Everybody says it is one on the most beautiful falls to see. Cant wait.
Well, I better get back to it. Keep an eye out for photos-- trying to put some up later on.
Big hugs to all.