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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Jun 2006

Location: Iguazu Falls, Argentina

I have now seen the creativity of God. Or Gods. As the ancient mythology says, ´when one of the Gods fell in love with a mortal, they had a child. The other Gods were not pleased with this at all. Knowing this, the couple tried hinding their child and travelled by boat along this river. When the Gods found out, they pulled out the entire earth below creating a powerful waterfall that would kill the baby.´ (or something like that.)
I have never been a believer in ancient mythology and those sorts of things but after seeing the Falls of Iguazu, has converted me to a believer.
The falls were goregous. You can not describe the scenery with out words such as intense, powerful, dominating, dangerous, calming, and frightening. One begins to wonder where all the water comes from. Depending on the water level, you can see anywhere between 160 to 260 falls, that on average flow at a rate of 1500 cubic meters of water per second. The falls literally took my breath away. They were enormous, and plentiful. I found myself having to stop every 2 steps to take a photo because every view you admired, you want to preserve forever.
This experience was only excellerated by our speed boat ride, write into the falls of Iguazu. It was cold and freezing, but when your on a speed boat being hit by water that has fallen over 80m from above.... it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I was cold and wet afterwards, but I wouldn´t hesitate to do it again.
After this, we dried ourselves by trekking more trails and viewing more falls that made us go ´wow´ without fail. The grandest of all in the ´Devils Throat.´ Which is an absolute beast of a waterfall spliting Argentina and Brasil. The power of the falls combine with the wind currents sends the water shooting out and over the top of the falls, and felt as though it was raining, on one of the clearest days.
To wind down the day, we took a tranquil boat ride through the side rivers, and we were lucky enough to view some Toucans, alligators (i think) and even some monkeys. After a calming boatride like that, it was definitely time to call it a day.
But, with the good, there is always the bad. Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to travel across to San Martin Island, to view some falls from an alternate angle. Im not sure what the problem was, but you knew it was difficult because there was at least 4 Argentinines sitting smoking around the problem, without even telling us until we were seated on the boat.
We were hoping to see the falls from the Brasilian side today, but the day has turned to rain and clouds, and combined with a late night last night, and visas necessary for entry, i think it will be missed... hey, im still going later on so im not fussed.
I guess i better go get back to that beauty world, and gorgeous country of Argentina. Love you all and miss you terribly.
Sorry about the photos, Im not sure when some new one will be up because having trouble finding places that will do it. Please stay calm.