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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Jun 2006

Location: Iberia National Park, Argentina

MapOk, i know I havent written in a while, but you see, the beauty with this blog is I can change the date to show that I have. Isnt that great??
Last weekend after my friend in Corrientes not getting back to me (yes, thats you Ilena) i decided to go to the Iberia National Park which is also in the Corrientes Province, with the gang.
Though it was all organised by Tash, her explaination was very convincing, and decided to embark on this little adventure. After a very dull 3 hour drive through not very nice scenery... (hey, we have farms in Australia too you know), we arrived at the Homestead of one man named Marco. I am a pessimist, as you all know (especially Rula) and my hopes were not high... but boy was I wrong.
Firstly, we entered the home and was greeted with antiques, fireplace and a smorgesboard of food with service that would make the Plaza Hotel proud. We were then given a quick explination of the farms and the Iberia National Park where he lives and grew up. I think this is where the love for Marco began for most of the girls.
You see, Marco though see a few years, has a bold, persuasive charm, combined with an Argentine-english accent. A rugged masculinity which captured the hearts, minds and imagination of not only the women but also this man... we could talk about him all day, but no time for that.
After coming acquainted with Marco, he quickly wisked us off in his jeep, to the gondela rides telling us to look out for Caymens, Anacondas, and Damn-i-forgot-the-name-of-the-last-ones. A big rodent, one of the biggest in the world in fact.
The weather was not kind, as the animals preferred the rays of the sun and though there was several Caymen sightings, we didnt see any anacondas to the disappointment of this young traveller... but alas, the day far from a loss as we drank hot maté and ogled at the beautiful scenery that was Iberia National Park.
After that cold trip in the boat, most of the adventurers departed for slumber, but the true few stayed up and late night yarns had tash, leri and I laughing loud and jaws dropped.
1. Marcos father knew Ché Guevara
2. Marcos proceeded to tell us about a time when someone had shot at his sons... when they were trying to steal cattle. This had a ripple effect. Of course he knew the people, went to their house, dragged the guy out of his bed by the hair, and threatened the guy by smashing the very gun that they used to shoot at his sons, into pieces inches away from their head.
We decided that we should check that the money went through.
The next day Marco had us on horses... with my long list of inexperience, i was given one of the tamer horses. Which i was happy about. Clare was not so lucky. Clare had riden before and so was given a larger horse to ride. Not long after she hopped on, the horse began to gallop and then stampede around the farm. Laughter turned to horror as a scream was heard, and Clare jumped from the horse to avoid some tractor equipment that the horse was deadset hitting. We all rushed over to see if she was alright, and thank the Lord she was, although with a briuse the size of a small Afircan country.
But, the battler that Clare is, she hopped back on the horse straightaway and before you know it she was riding like a pro.. Good on you Clare!!
(Although, a few of us first timers needed a little bit more courage after viewing that ordeal!!)
Once we were on our way, there was nothing stopped us but studdorn horses... and the weather was kind and a gorgeous day was to be viewed. Monkeys and Caymens were on the cards and places which a car can not pass were entered and didnt disappoint.
We even had a gallop on the horse on the way home!! Shara, Naharni, Kaleb, Brett and Kerrie would be proud!!!
The weekend that was expected to be dull turned out a ripper, and recommendations were given with delight upon return.
Thanks again Marco!!
The Argentina-experience is almost at an end, but looking forward to seeing Brasil and Leonardo.
Stayed tuned, and miss you all.