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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Jun 2006

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

MapAfter a quick few days in Buenos Aires again, i have now arrived into the home of futbol, Brasil. (Ok, not the home of futbol, but how the english are playing at the moment, theyre not getting the credit-)
I was greeted at the airport by Leonardo and his cousin Edo, and boy was it great to see him again. After the first adventure, i am now on the second adventure and you wouldnt think we had been apart for so long.
Leo lives just off Paulista Ave which is the longest, most busiest street in Sao Paulo- well it certainly seems that way. Traffic is a bitch, not on that avenue, actually every single street.
Arriving to Leo´s home i was quickly acquinted with Leo´s family - his father Hernán, his mother Heloisa, and his brother Diego. Though none of then speak very good english, or at all, they welcomed me with open arms as though I was part of the family.
So much in that, Edo, Tom, Leo and I went out for dinner at Rib Club. I was told of topless waitresses and very elite social club... boy was I wrong. Before I knew it I was wearing a bib, drinking lots of beer in a room screaming portugese swear words at the man singing with a guitar up front. Actually, this was the most amount of portugese I have ever understood!
No women at all, no topless waitresses just a lot of drunk brasilian men having a lot of fun for charity. They serve only ribs, and beer with the cook carrying around or wearing various part of male and female genitalia. Because I was a cabaço, ´a virgin´ my first time at the restaurant, i swore an oath, and danced with another man infront of everyone... and proud of it. A ripper of a restaurant and I am sure would be popular in Australia.
I have since began the process of meeting all of Leo´s friends here along with his beautiful girlfriend, Talita. All of them so far have been as nice as the next- after a few beers though, everybody is your best friend.... hopefully many more to come.
By the way- when people say they dont speak english means.. i really can but it takes more effort, here I am struggling with my spanish talking to them!! Cheeky bastards!!
The trip that Leo has planned sounds better and better by the second, cant wait to go. But I will talk about that more when it comes.
I may have told some of you about Leo´s organisation he runs here for poorer people to get into university... I am going to his teaching tomorrow so I will talk about that after then when I know more about it.
Until then, back to fighting all the people with Brasil t-shirts in the streets of Sao Paulo.
Miss you all and love you all more!!
Aiden is in Brasil.