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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Jun 2006

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Bloody Italy.
Im not going to say much, but it was like having my heart ripped out of my chest. We did everything except score, and thats what happened.
In all fairness, it wasnt the Italians fault, and if it was the other way round, I would be relieved. But the Aussies were the better team, and better team didnt go through. We lacked sting in attack, and it cost us... maybe if Kewell was there... maybe, maybe bloody maybe.
Anyways, i was nice to back a winning team ie Brasil the next day. I have become accustomed to fire crackers in the street, and busy roads disappearing into nothing when world cup games are being played... I use to jump everytime a cracker went off. Now, i hardly flinch.
I am heading into Rio late tonight with Leo, Chinese, and his girlfriend and am really looking forward to it.
Apparently, Leo doesnt know where to find adapters for foreign sockets??? This means no camera!! Bloody hell!! In Brisbane, they are everwhere!! In São Paulo, a population of 20 million, and he doesnt know...
This lack of camera, has already cost dearly. We went to the equivelant of Mt Cootha hear in São Paulo, and after taking many shots of the landscape.. the battery runs out, and then on the way back to the car..... we saw a monkey... lots of bloody monkeys, but NOOOOOO the cameras battery had run out. Yes, we shook, rubbed, and heated, but nothing. DAMN.
The monkeys were reall small, and people could touch them... all i could hear was my mum saying, `you remember Outbreak dont you?´
Thanks mum.
Therefore, this lack of camera could be trouble, the hard target search in now on..
Wish me luck, more than the Aussies..
Miss you guys heaps, and love to all.
Hope your all well.