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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Jul 2006

Location: Rio De Janiero, Brazil

MapThe 1st of July, i have been travelling for almost 2 months.
The day Brasil left the world cup.
The country moans, and will hopefully vote for a new president, (words of the artist formerly known as Leo Marchant, now Leo Not-Marchant-cause-its-a-french-name.)
Rio De Janeiro is bloody beautiful. Ok, ok something i have said quite a few times, but once you see the pictures you will understand.
On the way to Rio though, Leo was fortunate to inform me of a place called Parati. Madelina knows the gorgeousness. A town which all the roads in the centre are cobbled.... and when the rain comes, the puddles between the pebbles in the roads give a gorgeous reflection, and it rained!!! Awesome luck!.... magical, and fantasy like. Check the pictures out for yourself....
After a long night drive with Leo, Chinese (André) and his girlfriend Juliana, who is also a cabaço to Rio passed through Rio De Janeiro, and to Búzios, a place which is absolutely gorgeous on the coast 1 hour passed Brasil. But it wasnt easy.
After passing through Rio, we were stopped at a `check point´ by the Brasilian authorities and the car was completely searched. We were running late, and Chinese who drove the whole way was about to fall alseep, and this hassle was the last thing we needed.
The `patdown´ was extensive..... I have never been touched like that by any authorities including the paranoid USA, like that in my life. To the point where I almost enjoyed it.... until i saw the revolver in the holster and knew that he was pay minimum wage.
We were all wondering if he was going the ENTIRE CAR, which he did... right down to smelling our fingertips. Mmmmm... odd. Afterwards, everybody was pissed off, and wondered why we had to wait around for the cops to go through our undies. We were also carry some amount of cash, we think they wanted a bribe.... GOOD BLOODY LUCK.
After checking in, we ventured and saw some scenery which remindered us of Ibiza.... but the next day took the cake. We crashed out really earlier after the drive, and then had lunch on the beach and experience the Brasilian experience i had hoped. Bloody beautiful. I finally was in my boardies and thongs.... out of the cold weather!!
We travelled to Rio in the later part of the day and hoped the weather was just as nice the next day. After being acquinted with Leos cousins, Tiago (the warrior), Natalia, and his Aunt Eja - who is an absolusute champion (as Madelina knows), we left in persuit of Rio De Janeiro.
After a short sleep, (and a little sleep in) we set out to see Pão de Açucár (the Sugarloaf- because it look like that apparently) and Corcovado, (hunchback) which the Cristo Redentor (or Christ the Redeemer), the Jesus Statue, is perched on.... and the day didnt disappoint. With clear blue skies we headed to the Sugarbowl first-- closed for the futbol... bloody Brasilians.
A little bit pissed and frustrated we then left to see the million dollar view from the feet of God, or Jesus actually.
Bloody beautiful. I didnt want to leave. The view was 360° and 360% breathtaking. I definitely couldnt have asked for more. The camera was having a fit (with the help of Leo) and IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST TO SEE. After a disppointing start, my day lifted exponentionally.
The long wait for the Pão de Açúcar was definitely worth it and enjoyed the views from there to the Christ as well. The view in Rio De Janeiro is undescribale, and so i wont even try, but i promised myself, i will come back.
After this absolute high we then watched the Brasil game... and DAMN. That would be right. I am going to stop supporting teams because they always lose. Just when i was in Brasil as well.
And so, we come to this. Brasilian lost. I think i am cursed and am saying nothing more.... expect, sorry about the Portugese, Dan.
However, i do hope they win.
Love and besos to all the guys from downunder.
Oh, and Leo and his girlfriend took me to a Australian restaurant called OUTBACK, and it wasnt too bad. Poured Fosters though, people still havent learned.