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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2006

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

MapAfter the Rio De Janeiro trip, we are settling in back here in São Paulo and preparing for our trip down to the South of Brasil. That is, the town of Bonito and the Pantanal- going to be an absolute blast.
Ill take this oppurtunity to share some Brasilian sayings with you. You see, Leo translates them from portugese into english, and they are usually followed but a puzzled look and an explaination.
1. Dar o gato - `applying the cat´
This intails that the person who is `applying the cat´ is about to do something that he may not be allowed to do and getting away with it. In other words, being a little tricky, sly and shifty to get your own way.
EG. When there is a HUGE line at the airport, and you are running late for your flight, you pretend to be a GOLD card member for express entry.
2. Pagando de gatão - `paying like a big cat´
This intails acting as if you are the king around others, and looking quite cool while your at it.
EG. When you know a bouncer in a night club and he gives you express entry without lining up.
3. Queimando o filme - `burning the movie´
This is said when a person is in a very good situation and doing something completely stupid to undo what a great thing he has going for him.
EG. When a guy is with 4 HOT women in a nightclub but is dancing very stupidly and taking his shirt off yelling `YAHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!´
4. Bem na foto - `looking good in the picture´
When a person has very desirable posessions, people or situations that others whould be jealous of.
EG. When your friend arrives home from overseas and he is driving a brand new Ferrari. He is looking good in the picture.
5. Na minha goma - `hanging in my gum´
Is very similiar to hanging out in my hood. It suggests that the person is very familiar with the area, and also might even `own´ it, metaphorically.
EG. Dr Dre the rappers `gum´ is Compton, where he grew up and busts caps in peoples arses.
Enjoy the sayings and ill write you again after the Pantanal.
Lots of love...