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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Jul 2006

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

MapGOODBYE to all those beautiful people in Brasil.
I have loved my time here because of the gorgeous landscape, breathtaking views, but most off all, because of the wonderful and special people i have met.
Thank you especially to Leo´s mum and Dad, Heloisa and Hernán for putting up with me and letting into their abode for a month...
To all those people who i met here in Brasil but especially Talita, Chinese, and Antonio who put up with speaking english with me constantly, because i know as much portugese as I know about negative time.
Your vegemite is in the mail, Talita
Your Australian mission is underway, Chinese
I WILL learn the words to se ella dança, Antonio.

BUT, most importantly, my house is your house, Leonardo. I will welcome you with open arms once again WHEN you come to Australia, as you have to me on my arrival here in Brasil.
THANK YOU SO MUCH MATE. You are an awesome person doing great things and Ill see you next time Down Under.