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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Jul 2006

Location: London, England

MapWell, after a VERY quick stop in ENG i am on my way out to Italy. A HUGE THANK YOU for Sue and Pete, Andy's rulers for letting me crash in their home for the brief period.
MUM - i have now been to Brighten, where Im not sure if it was the same as the days in Pridde and Prejudice, but there was definitely some 'sea bathing' to be done.
The sea bathing costumes were i little bit more reveiling, (if they were wore at all) but it was great to be at the seaside again on a scorching hot summer day.
Tash, i bought the Crocs in Brighten. Boy are they comfortable. Im now in the crew.
I struggled to get a colour i liked. Apprently all people thick its a girls shoe?? Shut up the rest of you.
Not many of you may remember my first travel and that I met a guy in Whistler, Canada, named Ben from Kent in the UK. Well, I finally was able to meet up with him, and we both had a good local piss up in Leicester Square.
The pub was on the street and it was great to talk crap once again with him outside of North America.
And so after meeting Ben, and having a quick lunch with the male version creater of Daniel Stern, who told me some on the niceitys of the London area and also was kind enough to let me drop my bags at his work for the week i was in Italy-- THANK YOU SO MUCH DAVID!!!! I headed my way out to Stansted Airport to find my way to Italy!
Before I go, I would just like to say, is there anybody out from London?? I was asked about 3 times for directions, and when I was trying to get to Davids work I asked about 4 people and they gave me the same response. I was on St George street but couldnt find the number.
'Im looking for 33 St George Street, do you know where it is??'
'St George st.. mmmm.... no I dont sorry.'
'No, no. This is St George street, i want to know where the number 33 is?? You know what, nevermind.'
Bloody English.
Hasta Italia mi amigos