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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Jul 2006

Location: Forli, Italy

Sorry about that call yesterday Ritch at 4 am... i had £3 left on my calling card.... hey, you should feel privilidged.
After a HUGE wait at Stansted Airport, (BLOODY RYANAIR) and with a mind battle with an Italian women who i think was trying to get in front fo me in the cue, i arrived safe and sound to a smiling Madda at the other end.
Awesome to see her once again, and looking forward to spending some time at a beach not made of pebbles..
Nah, Brighton was gorgeous!
A few Erdingders later, (you would be proud Leo) and it was time for bed and crashed out after a horrid flight.
Keeping busy and looks like we are heading to Tuscany...
Damn its hard being a traveller... anybody jealous??