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Aiden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Dec 2007

Location: Cairo, Egypt

MapMerry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

What a week in Cairo. I swear I have lost a day here. As I writing this I hear the chant again playing in the background (plus all the constant car horns which I have now become accustomed to.

As I arrived into Cairo, i was greeted by a smiling driver, Yaheer and two white men wearing towels on their heads... oh wait! they were just Jimmy and Tony. We said our hellos and swapped some quick stories and then we were off to see Cairo.

The entire time we have driven in Cairo, it has been exactly like in all the films and documentaries I have seen. The kids on the srteet, the thousands of people wanting money from you and 2000-3000 years of culture. Oh, and the garbage. Piles and piles of it. There is not an area where there isnt any litter on the ground. From the gutters, to the walls, from the rivers to the doors. Even looking at the pyrimids where tombs have been resting for thousands of years - accompanied by a pepsi can and cigarette butts. However, our business wasnt with Cairo just yet, it was with Sharm El Sheikh and the Red Sea.

We left the next morning at the crack of dawn (actually it was earlier than that) for the 6 hour drive to the Red Sea. The drive was amazing. Complete desert and sand, lots of sand (plus dont forget the rubbish). We stopped at a few places along the way for photos (and bathroom breaks) but no photo can capture the 'My God, im in the middle of the Egyptian desert.'

Arriving into Sharm El Sheikh, tired, hungry but excited.

Oh Christ! I forgot to tell you the rest of my first night!

A-roni, one of Jimmy's mates was here in Cairo with the family so we thought we would catch up with him and smoke some shisha at his resort. Soon enough, we were enveloped in cushions and attracting lung cancer as best we could throug the flavours of apple and peach. Later that night, we were kicked out of the hotel oasis and after getting chummy with our waiter Hazem, he agreed to take us out on the town.


Ok, ok bear in mind we went into about 2-3 clubs and they were empty, but I swear there are women in this country. When we first arrived we all walked around along the Nile, and Jimmy was accosted by all walks of life. Male, female, children and animals.

NOTE TO ALL:- it is quite fun hearing 'where are you from?' yelled at you from across the street the first time, the 700 times after that - you ignore. Even Jimmy, (nicest guy on the planet) lasted a long time saying 'la shookran,' (no thank you) with an explanation, cracked and starting ignoring people at the end of the week.

Back to the point - we came to the conclusion that girls just didnt gop out. After chatting to Hazem, he told us over a shisha (the only way to chat) that, if you get with an Egyptian girl = marriage.

I now understand Christian.

Still a great night with tea and shisha with Hazem and Mohammed (another waiter) and my lungs are continually contracting.

Now lets try Sharm El Sheikh again. Where was i? Oh yes. Arriving.

DAMN. Out of time. Ill come back to this later---