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Becki’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Nov 2005

Location: Bristol to London, England

MapI can't believe this day as finally come!! Part of me is so excited and the other part of me is so scared. I just don't know what to expect and I can't quite comprehend that today is the start of it all.

Well after freaking out last night that I couldn't fit all my belongings into the backpack my cousin Hazel loaned me, I had to rush into town to buy a bigger one. Thank goodness I can drive. It was about 4.30pm so the traffic was a nightmare as everyone was heading home for the weekend. There was no where to park so I quickly squeezed in and me and mum ran into the nearest store to grab a bag. Luckily I found one I liked quite quickly, had to pay and run back to the car as fast as we could so we didn't get caught by the traffic warden.

When I got home I packed up all my things and it all fit. Phew!!! Feel sad about leaving all my other things behind. Still don't know how I'm going to manage without all my clothes and shoes. For all those that know me you'll understand my pain.

That night I stayed in with mum and dad. Feel sad that I won't be seeing them for such a long time. Know I'm going to miss them and everyone loads.

Woke up bright and early the next morning, it's very cold out. Got all my things together, bag weighs an absolute ton and know there's no way I can carry this for more than 2 minutes.

Sarah's mum and dad came to collect me. Sarah and Kate are in the car. Now it's starts to really sink in that I'm actually leaving, though not completely. All feels a bit strange to be honest.

Say my goodbyes and we're off.

Think we're all a bit giggly and nervous about 1 flying and 2 leaving.

We got checked in and realised that the board says our plane is due to leave an hour earlier than our initerary says. Luckily we were there in plenty of time.

We say thanks and good bye to Jane and Tony and head towards departures. Both the girls were a bit emotional, I wasn't for some reason, think I went back to numbness as can't take it all in.

The plane looked really nice. Had my own tv and everything so I was happy. Sexy flight socks on and we're off.

Okay, yeah, I hate flying, cry everytime we take off. So me and Sarah are using my South East Asia book to learn as much Thai as possible and I think all the other languages that were in the back of the book. Can't actually remember anything now but at least it took my mind off it.

12 hrs to go.

The turbulence was a nightmare, we were so scared. It felt like as soon as we were able to take our seat belts off we were told to put them back on again. Not good. Except that it has made me used to it now and doesn't faze me as much. Think we were all so tired during the journey that we didn't pay too much attention to it.

Watched lots of tv, films, played games. After what felt like forever Sarah asked how long we had till we landed, both of us thinking only a few hours but no, 10, 10 hours to go!!!! This is going to take forever!!!! But we somehow managed to keep ourselves amused. The constant meals, drinks and entertainment helped. Me and Kate even did a few exercises at the back of the plane! Didn't get much sleep though.

After that time litterally flied and we land.