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Mike’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 13 May 2006

Location: Melaka, Malaysia


We arrived after very smooth bus ride from Jerantut, and then checked into Tony's Guesthouse, our accomadation. This was a lovely place and Tony was a legend, and it was dirt cheap, 10 ringit a night, approx 1.50pounds. As well he had l'il cafe which he cooked lovely food in.
The first afternoon we just apent settling in and had dinner in Tony's cafe and had nice chat with him.
On friday we went out to explore Melaka. First we headed to the historic town square. Here we saw the sights of the old clock tower and christ church, 253 years old. They are both distinctively bright red in colour, which is from the dutch who once colonised this historic town. As well in the town square we visted the Stadhuys, the old town hall, which now houses several museums. Next we headed up to a ruined church, and the ruins of an old Portuguese fort. The Portuguese also colonised the town at a time in it's history, so there are also many Portuguese influences. Then we headed for shopping mall to get away from heat and get some lunch.
After we headed to the Chinatown district to explore. We checked out a couple of temples and it happened to be a Chinese holiday. Not sure what it was celebrating but it meant the temples were extremely active.
For the evening we headed back to Chinatown on the acvice of Tony as there was the night market. This was fantastic we found some where to get some grub and browsed through the market. What cane next though we did not expect!
At the end of the street on which the night market was taking place there was a stage, and it has a banner up saying Arm Wrestling Tournament, 8pm. It was 8 so we thought we'll hang around and watch it. Whilst waiting guy named Kim came across and started chatting and said we should take a seat and that he was competing. The event got under way and before we saw any arm wrestling there was line dancing, dancing girls and Mr Asia, bodybuilder who did a l'il dance and flexed his muscles. The tournament got going and Kim actually got to the final and won, I think it was us cheering him all the way. As well during the event one of the competeitors dislocated his wrist, this was horrid we saw it go and heard the pop, ouch!
One final thing was during the event there was a camera crew filming a travel show, globe trekker, with the presenter Ian Wright, not the footballer. This show is big in Malaysia and they were doing a show on Melaka. We got spotted in the crowd by the producers and as travellers we got asked if we wouldn't mind giving l'il interview on what we thought of Melaka. This was so surreal, and we couldn't believe how the evening turned out. So try and look on we think Discovery channel and you may see Jen and me on it!
Melaka was really good then, and I think one full day was enough to to take in the sights. The next morning we told our story to Tony before heading to the bus terminal to catch our bus to Singapore!!!