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Mike’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Location: Singapore, Singapore


This was an amazing city, we had the best time and I would highly reccomend it for a short trip no matter what you have heard.

So on the first day we checked into our cool hostel. After we headed out for a days sight seeing. We went down to Boat Quay and went on a river cruise which was great taking in the sites from a different perspective. Then we visited the great asian civilisations museum, this was very interesting and we spent a good few hours going around here in air contioned comfort. We finished the day with a visit to the mental Chinatown where we took in hindu and bhuddist temples, as well as the amazing markets. In the markets Jen got some fab gifts and we also tracked down some exotic fruits. We tryed Jack fruit which was awesome and the infamous Durian. This is the fruit which reeks of rotting meat. We didn't like this, not only was the smell awful, but the taste and slimy texture were pretty herrendous too.

The next day was spent at the fantastic Singapore Zoo and Night Safarai. This was a fantastic day, and it litterally took up the whole day. We spent from 12-6 going around the Zoo. The highlight having to be seeing the white tigers being fed, also Jen being picked out the crowd by an aboriginal to stand in front of the audience and fire blow darts at ballons, and then dance around, chanting also. This was so funny and Jen got so embarrassed.
In the evening we watched fire dancers before heading into the Night Safarai (the only one in the world), this was cool we saw nocturnal animals, a cool show, and went on a tram ride to see all the big animals in the night time environment. One of the most enjoyable days we have had since we have been away.

The next day we decided to head to Sentosa Island. This is a cheesy resort island used for weekends away by locals. We thought we would go and check out the Aquarium as it was reccomended by Lonely PLanet but it was a big disappointment. However we did get free tickets to a pink dolphin show, and during this I was picked out to go in the water with the dolphins and I fed them and got a kiss, this was a fantastic experience.

Our final evening we went to the famous Raffles hotel, to the Long Bar. I had a Singapore Sling and Jen had a Tiger Lily, both lovely, we then headed to Hooters which was good fun. Got the photos and the t-shirt, was quite expensive though!

Final day we had hours to kill as flight wasn't until 12.30am. We killed time having lunch at a hawker stall, as well as wondering through the shops down the famous Orchard Road. Then it was off to the airport all ready for the land of OZ!