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Mike’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Jul 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia


This is another fantastic city, and we ended up spending two months here.

When we arrived we checked into the cool Wake Up hostel. We ended up spending two weeks here, as we were trying to find work and some budget shared accomadation to live in whilst working. The accomadation was not so much a problem, we found a great place in the suburb of Ultimo, with a company called Sleeping With The Enemy. Whilst here we met some great people and made some good friends.

The work was a little harder to find, because unless you wanted to hand out leaflets or do door to door sales there wasn't much else. To do bar work you have to pay to get a qualification so we didn't bother doing that. In the end we got a jod doing telesales, for a company called Customcall selling Westpac credit cards. This was good for a while as we got hourly paid, the company was cool, the people were nice, however the job itself was just awful!

We stuck the job out for about a month to saved some funds, as we had actually found a job so we thought we better stick it out for a bit. Then we couldn't take any more and left to plan our onward journey up the coast. I tell you I have some sympathy now for those irritating telesale calls as I know what they go through.

Apart from the job and accomadation hunting we did a hell of a lot more and this was fantastic. Now where do I start, we went on a harbour cruise, we saw the opera house, we walked through the botanical gardens, we visted the beautiful beach of Manly, we walked from Coogee beach along the coast to the famous Bondi Beach, we went up the Sydney sky tower to take in fantastice views, we went to the brilliant Sydney Aquarium, various museums including the national museum and gallery, barracks museum and the maritime museum, wandered around the beautiful Darling Harbour, Circular Quay and The Rocks, went and saw an aussie rules match at the SCG, went to the Telstra Stadium to see an NRL game, also we discovered the fantastic paddy's market where we would go for gift shopping as well as the crazy fruit and veg market, as well as having some fantastic nights out to watch all the England world cup matches, including the Paraguay game on a boat cruise around the harbour, awesome!

Two highlights though were firstly a whale watching cruise which Jen won tickets for after sending an e-mail to a backpacker magazine which they chose and published so she won the tickets. The cruise was cool as it was free, we saw a couple of humpback whales, but was quite choppy which ruined it a bit as made us feel slightly queezy. Was good experience though and good to do for free.

The best thing by far we did whilst in Sydney was the Harbour Bridge Climb. We picked a fantasticly clear day and the walk up was great, we took in amazing views, and had a superb guide. We came away with some great pictures and also memories. Deffernatley worth doing if your in Sydney. As well by doing the climb you get free tickets to the pylon lookout on the bridge also which we took advantage of to get more great pictures of the city.

So all in all Sydney was awesome and it was an effort to find a job and not quite as easy as we thought it would be, but was an amazing experience, and now we look forward to moving on up the east coast.