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Mike’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2006

Location: Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast), Australia

MapSurfers Paradise (Gold Coast)

'Surfers' as the aussies call it is known as Hollywood in Oz, and it certainly lives up to the name with the highrise resorts, motels, and theme parks of the US.

When we arrived unfortunately it was raining, so we couldn't head to the beach. We just looked around the shops for a couple of hours then back to our cool hostel. This was a converted motel, so even though we were in an 8 bed dorm, we had our seperate kitchen bathroom and tv for those 8 beds. Luckily whilst there we had 2 other people for 3 nights and 4 others for 1.

Next day the wheather was better and the sun had come out a bit so we headed to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We had a great day here seeing all the native animals of Australia. We got to cuddle a Koala called Do-Da and had our photos taken. As well we got to feed and pet red and grey kangaroos. Also there were crocs, dingoes, wombats, tree kangaroos and loads of snakes and lizards. It was fantastic to get to see all the native wildlife!

On monday we headed to one of the theme parks, Warner Bros, Movie World. This was a good day as we had great wheather and the park wasn't to big so we were able to get around and see and do everything we wanted. There was a fantastic Superman rollercoaster which launched you out from 0-100 km-h in 2 secs!!!! Aswell there was another cool coaster, a log flume, a suprisingly good scooby-doo coaster and a Shrek 4D show. It was great to do something different like the theme park as we both haven't been anywhere like that in ages!

The final day the wheather was good again and so we just spent it chilling on the beach, having a picnic lunch, soaking up the rays and topping up the tans! The beach is amazing and goes as far as the eye can see, unfortunately the sea is to cold to swim so we just spent the time on the sand.

So that was it for Surfers and we enjoyed the time we spent there, and were excited when leaving as the next stop was Brisbane to meet up and stay with friends who we haven't seen for 15 years!