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Sunday, 09 Apr 2006

Location: playa tunco, El Salvador

Map It was a hard call but i finally made it out of Guatemala and headed for the coast of El Salvador. the day long trip turned out pretty good in the end but i lost my passport at the border and pulled a very familiar tactic that many of you who have been drunk with me know of, the ¨turn my purse upside down and dump everything out on the floor as I frantically search for what I´ve lost¨ technic. Of course I found it in the most logical place, my back pocket, but at least I have the locals a good show of a crazy gringa chic.
I spent a night in San Salvador which looks to me a lot like a strip mall in Edmoton, there has got to be at leaast 1 Pizza Hut per family and an Esso gas station per mile in the city, it was like being in the twilight zone. Anywho, I ended up drinking with some guys from England at my hostel and went to bed early (to be awoken by one guy telling me he needed to be held, I told him I couldn´t be of service). The next morning I played the role of the confused girl trying to make her way to the beach. Luckly for me a woman of about 60 decided she was my mother and found me a bus, gave me candy and made sure all my stuff got on with me (I love the people in el salvador).
Now here I am with Chris and his friend Anne in picture perfect Playa Tunco (named after a rock formation in the shape of a pig in the middle of the water). This morning I was all ready to conquer the waves in my first attempt at surfing, unfortunately the waves are about 20 ft high and i little intimidating for a beginner such as myself...maybe head is still spinning from getting knocked around this morning.
I´ll most likely hang around here in the heat for the next few days, there are a ton of parties coming up for semana santa and its just to beautiful to leave...any visitors are welcome!!!!
take care